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ILLUSTRATED Samples Include

• a stainless steel refrigerator evaporator/drip tray coated on the base with an aluminium oxide dielectric layer and heating element applied thereto. This prototype is designed to replace a conventional sheathed coiled-wire heating element (with on-off float switch) fitted inside the stainless steel tray, with a more energy efficient, more robust and more reliable heating system;

• a cast aluminium refrigerator evaporator/ drip tray coated (as a prototype) on one side with a flame–sprayed heating element, designed to replace the conventional 300watt coiled wire element, which is visible in the photo;

• a toaster element, applied on an unglazed ceramic, designed to give uniform toasting of the bread;

• a 3kw flame sprayed jug-kettle heating element sprayed onto enamelled mild-steel base to give a more energy efficient, lower cost element than a conventional sheathed coiled wire element;

• a variety of sprayed elements, applied to enamelled mild steel test samples, to illustrate the variety of forms and presentations that are capable of being produced;

• a heater element applied to a stainless steel ‘ultra high vacuum’ pipe (with sprayed aluminium oxide high dielectric base coat) to permit in situ heating of the pipe to ‘de-gas’ the steel during vacuum evacuation;

• a tubular aluminium cylinder, coated with aluminium oxide, and with overall heating element applied thereto. This illustrates the versatility of shapes that can be treated by the 2DHeat process.

Where the flame-spraying is controlled by a computer controlled robot, the shape & form of the element can be of any configuration capable of being described by a mathematical equation

2DHeat element applied to enamelled mild steel – rear view of a wall-mounted, flat radiator panel with 2x300watt heating elements (at 230/240v). Very large areas can be treated, limited only by the size of the spraying robot.

showing a variety of shapes, forms and substrates, including...

Video clip showing 2DHeat’s lab scale rig flame-spraying an unglazed ceramic tile.

Selection of sprayed heating elements produced on 2DHeat’s lab scale rig showing a variety of shapes, forms and substrates, including……


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