InfraRed, Sustainable Smart Heating Panels.

Breakthrough Infrared Heating Panel Technology That is Good For You & The Planet
Ultra Slim, Light-Weight, Low-Cost and Rapid Heat-Up
What is Infrared Heating?

Easily combine components from Ollie's modular interface kit.

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The Benefits of 2D Heat

Our breakthrough technology will enable mass adoption of smart infrared heating

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The 2D Heat Technology

Our technology is novel and patent protected, developed in the UK

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Who is it For?

Our panels are for homes, commercial property, offices, outdoor and for portable use

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Introducing 2D Heat

The Future of Heating is Here

The Requirement Is Now
Gas Heating in Homes is Banned from 2025. Infrared Heating Provides a clean, electric solution for homes & offices
Rapid Heat-Up
2D Heat technology heats in 3 minutes with market leading watt density
Build with confidence and take advantage of Webflow’s vast library of tutorials.
Good For You
Over 5 years we’ve helped over 40,000 customers build better looking websites.
Good For The Planet
Building out client sites is easier now thanks to Webflow and Ollie
Easy Installation & Maintenance
Light-Weight, ultra-thin and in one-manageable size. 2D Heat Panels are the easiest panel to install

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We are seeking trial partners to work with our game-changing technology

Learn How Builders & Developers Can Utilise 2D Heat

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