Our Breakthrough Technology

2DHeat Technology

We have developed and proven an innovative and low-cost way to produce highly efficient, lightweight, robust infrared heating panels. Our novel method results in a number of competitive advantages over the existing market

  • Small, lightweight panels with no need to increase size and weight to increase power
  • Resulting in an easy to install solution with minimal to no room-space intrusion
  • A completely dry system - No leaks, no damp, no condensation
  • Green, renewable electric mains voltage AC. Off-grid, renewable low-voltage DC
  • The technology and benefits can assist, or completely replace costly air source and ground source heat pumps
Up to
More power than standard infrared panels
Up to
Faster heat up rate than standard panels
Up to
Watt density of standard IR panels

Technology enables multiple applications

  • Range of Power outputs to balance with room dimensions
  • Lower Power Versions Ideal for Homes (Sub kilowatt)
  • Higher Power Outputs ideal for Business, Leisure Buildings and Industrial Premises
  • Heat perfectly in Outdoor Settings, Terraces, Patios, Stables, Garages, Out-Buildings etc.
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“Midnight was our first template. It was without doubt the main factor to our success."

Philip Wink
CEO & Founder

Energy & Cost Savings

  • 2DHeat enables an increased comfort factor with lower energy usage
  • Warmth Responsiveness - Useful Heat within 3 minutes of Switch-On
  • Heat Efficiency (Doesn't Waste Energy Heating air)
  • 2DHeat enables smart control heating due to rapid heat-up, only heating areas where occupied

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