What is Infrared Heating?

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    The Reason You Feel Warm in The Sun

    Infrared Heaters keep the environment warm around you by converting electricity into radiant heat. It is the same heat feeling from the sun on your skin
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    No Circulation of Heat

    Infrared Heat directly heats the walls, floor and ceiling of a building, creating a consistent comfortable heat without convection and draughts
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    More Energy Efficient

    As Infrared Heaters are not heating the air, the technology has a higher rate of heat transfer and thus, could save up to 37% on electricity costs compared to convection heating

Convection Heating vs Infrared Heating

An example of convection heating


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    Heats air, which circulates upwards, with low heat retention
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    Slow response heat-up times
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    Quick heat loss from draughts
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    Circulates dust (inc. 'organics') which have health drawbacks
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    Encourages Mildew formation
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    Radiators take up valuable space, especially in new-build developments
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Infrared Heating

  • Quickly Heat only objects and people in a room
  • No dust circulation which has a number of health benefits, including no mildew or damp
  • Infrared Heating is 16-32% more energy efficient than gas boilers/ electric convection heaters
  • Easy, low-cost install, aesthetically pleasing and space saving
  • Improved comfort factor (~3c) and consistent temperature (no draughts)
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100% Natural Heating

Health & Wellbeing Benefits

  • Infrared Heating removes damp from buildings, thus avoiding the formation of mould, fungus and other bacteria that contribute to ill health
  • Because Infrared Heating does not create air flows, the technology does not carry dust, pollen and alllergens around the home which is very beneficial for health
  • Infrared is biologically the most significant (60%) form of heat in our sense of comfort. Convection represents only 15% of our feeling of comfort

Benefits to Buildings

Cost & Space Saving

Alongside the sustainability & health benefits to human beings, Infrared Heating has significant advantages to buildings
  • Damp Homes are a Health Hazard
  • Damp in Buildings damages the material and Decor
  • Damp Homes cost more to heat in the short & long-term
  • Infrared Heating does not cause condensation which damages buildings
  • Infrared Heating Reduces existing Damp in buildings
  • 2DHeat Infrared Heating Panels Need Limited Maintenance & Support
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