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Easy Install, No Ongoing Maintenance Heating

100% Natural Heating

Efficient and Sustainable Outdoor Heating

  • 2DHeat's space saving, ultra-slim, light weight infrared heating panels can be installed outdoors with ease
  • 2DHeat panels are perfect for an outdoor setting as they do not lose heat through the movement of the air they warm people and objects directly- What is Infrared heating?
  • With little to no maintenance costs, the heaters are the perfect solution for a range of outdoor settings - Read more about our technology
  • The rapid heat-up and range of wattages ensure ¬†you can have comfortable heat and satisfy the demands of outdoor spaces
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New Build Homes

178k new UK homes are built per annum. With space and efficiencies now paramount, 2DHeat offers a lightweight, low-cost and easy to install option for property developers

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Modular Units

Small Container units need flexible, lightweight heating solutions that plug-in and heat rapidly, are easy to install and have limited long-term maintenance requirements

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Rental Housing

6.7m rented houses in the UK of which 3.3m are social rent. This market needs needs a low-cost, efficient, space saving and low maintenance heating solution

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Office & Commercial

Make full use of your space by utilising 2Dheat ceiling panels. Our panels fit seamlessly into existing suspended ceiling grids, require low maintenance and don't waste energy in a large space

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An ideal solution for Pubs, Cafes, Bars, Hotels & Restaurants. Our slim, stylish panels adds style and practicality to your space, with efficient heating, low maintenance and space saving

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Maximise your enjoyment of outdoor living with comfortable, affordable and sustainable outdoor heating solutions. Durable with maintenance requirements for outdoor and home office

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