Infrared, Sustainable, Smart Heating Panels

Breakthrough Infrared Heating Panel Technology.
Ultra Slim, Lightweight, Low-Cost and Rapid Heat-Up
What is Infrared Heating?

An efficient and sustainable alternative to convection heating

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2D Heat Technology

Our technology will enable mass adoption of smart infrared heating

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Providing efficient, comfortable and healthy heating to your home or commercial space

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Why our Heating Panels are Unique

Requirement Is Now
Gas Heating will no longer be installed from 2025. Infrared Heating provides a clean, electric solution for homes & offices
Rapid Heat-Up
2D Heat technology heats in 3 minutes with market leading watt density
Ultra-slim and able to be mounted directly to the ceiling to save floor and wall space
Good For You
No circulation, no dust, no mildew. Immediate health benefits from clean air while maintaining comfortable heat
Good For The Planet
When combined with sustainable power, Infrared Heating is 100% sustainable
Easy Installation & Maintenance
Lightweight, ultra-thin and in one-manageable size for easy installation

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